Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Stash Report

Well I didn't make any additions this week. The only sewing I did this week is what I posted in yesterday's post. This marks the end of the first quarter, and I am not doing so well with my goal of busting 50 yards. I still have 3 quarters to get it together. I am not going to Paducah this year, so I won't have that temptation. This weeks numbers are:

Incoming Yardage: 0
Outgoing Yardage: 7.11
Total Stash Busted YTD date: 7.27

I am still not at a deficit, but maybe this week.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tumbler Sample is done

I have been patiently (ok, I am never patient) waiting to make something with the tumbler die from my Accucut machine. Having the pieces die cut really made everything line up nicely. Each tumbler is 6" finished tall. I would like to make up some kits to sell. I have some leftover fabrics from previous projects of quilt group that would make beautiful quilts. If you're interested in a specific size, please let me know.

I finished piecing the backing for the purple quilt in the previous post. I am working hard to get back to zero on the stashbusting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Stash Report

I have been keeping track of my fabric purchases, I just haven't posted the damages. These totals include everything since my last post. I have a purpose for most of the items I purchased (except the great bolt of brown). I have some kits made up using the tumbler block pattern. I hope to have my sample finished for the April ISE meeting.

  • Outgoing Yardage : -42.06
  • Incoming Yardage: 67.75
  • YTD Stash Busting: 14.381

Yes, I am aware that my numbers are going the wrong direction. I guess I am personally trying to stimulate the economy. As Mark Lipinski said, "creating an Obamano" effect.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a topper!

Well the top is done. You all know how long it takes me to get things quilted. I hope this one is quicker than most. It turned out much better than I expected. I hope it brings a little sunshine and a lot of memories back to the recipiant. The white fabric with the purple and green flowers was cut from a dress that I found in the pile of fabrics I rescued. The rest of the fabric is going to be donated through Quilt N' Gifts in Bluffton to the Warren Methodist Home. The wood in the background is my girls new dance floor. It was a bowling alley in it's previous life. They enjoy clogging on it and performing shows.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making some progress

I can't believe how nice this looks. Even my daughter commented that the ugly fabrics didn't look bad together. This is a little over a 1/3 of the quilt. I am putting it together in 4 patches instead of rows. I like how it goes together like this, but it does take a little planning to get all the seams going in the correct direction. I am not taking the time to pin (especially since most of the materials have some poly in then), so some seams aren't lining up exactly. It is a give for an elderly garment sewer. She won't notice where my seams didn't match.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rescued Scraps

I wanted to make a quilt out of the scraps from my rescue mission. I hope the recipient remembers some of the material. Most of the materials are not to my liking, and almost all of them have some poly in them. Last week I sewed the squares into 2 patch units, and Monday I ironed them while my girls were dancing. I organized them last night, and to my surprise (more like shock) they don't look too bad. I MUST finish this quilt as I can't add another project to my unfinished pile. This picture is for Sharon who thinks I need to add my dog to my blog. His collar actually matches the quilt. Since he is sleeping, I guess he approves.