Monday, March 7, 2011

New Bag

It's hard to believe that I am ahead of the game. That doesn't happen very often in my world! This my the ISE quilt group will be finishing up the laptop bag that was presented in Quilter's World October 2010 issue. I finished mine the size presented, and my husband's laptop won't fit. I think he is rather thankful for this, as I made it pink and red as a bit of a joke. I wanted to see if he would actally carry it. He's off the hook for now. I guess I would be pushing my luck. He does carry the fabric shopping bags that I made and they are flowery. Since he has taken over the grocery shopping duty, I should probably make him some masculine ones.

This is the bag the group picked for the next quarter. I can hardly believe that I have it done and I have another month! This is a very simple bag, so we may have to do more than one for the second quarter. It is very large, and my daughter has already claimed it for her overnight bag. Notice I found an adorable model who was delighted to model my bag. My friend Sue gifted me the lining fabric. I think it is just perfect.

If you are interested in the pattern, it is in the McCall's Quilting April 2009. The pattern is by Penny Sturges and it is called The Big Bag Theory. I modified the inside to add more pockets, and I did my handles differently.