Friday, October 21, 2011

Quilt Shop Rant

I am currently smitten with several lines from French General.  I really wanted some, so I went online at and did a search for fat eighth bundles.  I have NEVER had any problems with any fabric purchases online.  I promptly ordered on September 30th, and waited an waited for it to come.  I of course ordered several other things as well.  When it didn't come after almost 2 weeks, I sent them an email to the address on their website.  Still I waited and waited and no communication.  I received my order a little over 2 weeks after it was placed.  Hurray!  The fabric was beautiful.  I purchased 5 yards of one piece of fabric for backing.  When I measured it to piece the backing....4 yards and 17".  UGH!!  Ok, it was on sale so couldn't complain too much.  1/2 yard shortage was only $2.50.  I don't even know what possessed me to measure it.  I have never once measured an online purchase for accuracy.

I decided I would email them (once again to the address on the website).  I waited 2 days and heard nothing.  On the 3rd day, I decided I would call them and let them know that the email address on the website didn't work correctly.  This is where it starts to go South!

When the store clerk answered the phone, instead of talking to me, she was talking to a customer at the shop.  She asked to put me on hold.  My patience is still doing well, but it is declining.  When she comes back on, I explained the sistuation.  She is still only half listening to me and is still talking to another customer.  Good Grief!  She rudely says, "so you want a credit".  I explain that it isn't really worth processing for $2.50, but I wanted to let them know that their email wasn't working correctly.  She blurts out (no other way of putting this), that I am probably in her spam folder. What??  Why would you put customers in the spam folder, and wouldn't you check that daily? (just makes good business sense to me).  She once again asked my name, and told me she would check on this.  Her words were- "I'm really busy, we are shorted staffed today can I check on this.  Would you like me to call you back?" Umm- I'm really busy too!  Currently I have 6 childen under 3 running around my house.  I politely said sure (Even though I was done with this shop), and gave the clerk my number.  That was on Wednesday- Never did hear a peep and that was 3 days ago.

That $2.50 that I was short wasn't as important as the fact that I didn't have enough fabric for the project at hand.  Is is so hard to say SORRY?  I completely understand how this could happen, but at no point in the conversation did she tell me sorry for the mixup.  The total on my order was over a hundred dollars, and it was obvious that they do not want or need (because they are so busy and under staffed) any future business.  So, Bits 'n Pieces Quilt and Fabric Shoppe in Pelham, NH (, I am sorry you don't love me!  You can rest assured that there are a lot of other online fabric shops out there that love me,  and they love the way I continue to build my resource center.

If you made it to the end of this lengthy post, thanks for letting me vent.  I feel much better now that I have voiced my opinion. 


SubeeSews said...

Shame on them.
No way would I ever buy from them again.
I too love that French General fabric.
Great prices and great service. Fat Quarter shop is super fast with their shipping too.

Ruthie said...

I hate it when a quilt shop treats customers like that. I would hope the person you talked to wasn't the owner. I had a similar experience with another online shop and won't go near them again.