Thursday, February 23, 2012

Checkerboard Quilt Tutorial

The checkerboard block is an oldie but goodie in my opinion.  There are many ways to construct this block, but this is the way I did mine.  Feel free to use your own methods.

This block takes two 2" Strips - One light and one dark (you can substitute a medium value for either as long as you are getting some contrast)

You will use a minimum of 36", so I find it easiest to use only full strips for this project.  Sew the 2 strips together with 1/4" seam allowance, and press toward the dark
 Take your strip to the cutting board and roughly cut it into 3 - 13" sections.  You only really need 12", so if you want to cut it exact you can do so.  I like to do a rough cut and then square up the edges before I cut the segments.
 Sew the 3 segments together and press the seams toward the dark!  This will help everything match together perfectly when you join the blocks.
Cut the 6 strip unit into 2" segments.  Flip every other unit to make a checkerboard block.
 This is the important part-  Make sure you sew each pair with the same color on top!  Not just for this block, but for all blocks.  I always so with the dark on top so I don't confuse myself. 
 Press the block so that 2 seams are going the same direction

Wahla!  a completed 9 1/2" block (9" finished).  This tutorial should come with a warning.  Caution these blocks are addictive! 
Don't be afraid to try some ugly combinations.  You will be surprised how great they look in the completed blocks.  these blocks would also look amazing by choosing one color family.  If you make these, please send me a link to your blocks. 


Dar said...

Teri, Thanks for your good tutorial on the checkerboard squares. That's a good stash busting project, and so easy.

Randy D. said...

Teri, Would you get in touch with me?