Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finishing the Year

This year certainly ended with excitement. The virus on the computer certainly consumed me and added to the Christmas chaos. I think the computer sucked out all my creative energy, because I haven't done any sewing during my vacation.

All in all I must have been very good this year because I received some really nice gifts for Christmas. I think everyone in my family was pleased with the gift selections. When we were doing our returns on Monday, we came across a whole rack of Wii Fit games. It was a late Christmas gift, but my family is very excited to have it. I don't think my body will ever be the same after hula-hooping. It was good for a laugh if nothing else. Sorry no video footage was produced!!!!

When I look back on my goal for 2008 (a year of finishing or getting projects closer to completion), I think I did well. I still have well over 30 UFO's which is alarming! I am going to continue to work on my "loose threads" in 2009. I would like to finish 10 projects this year. This will be a big task for me, but I do have several baby quilts started. This leads me to my next dilemma......

It is killing me not to work on Bonnie's NYE mystery ( I have been doing scrap patterns now for several years. I don't know if I can go back to a planned color scheme. As I sip my coffee, I am anxious to get to my studio and start cutting for the mystery. I am still strong (at the moment), and I am sticking with my plan to finish more projects than I start. I may have to weaken when I see step 2.

My second goal for 2009 is to reduce my stash. My plan is to eliminate fabrics that I no long like by either cutting them up or donating them. I got an early start with this yesterday when I put about 20 pounds of fabric in a box to donate to a senior center. My sewing studio is currently a disaster! Even my children asked, "Mom what happened in here". I think I should be banned from fat quarter sales this year. Notice I put the word "should" in that sentenance. I don't think I have that much will power!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy NYE.

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MaryAnn said...

The fact that you have already completed one project is amazing. Since I figure that you are probably twice as productive as I am, I hope to try to complete 1/2 as many projects as you do!