Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not how I planned it...

When do my plans ever work? I like how this turned out, but it would have been much cuter with plan "A". The original plan was to knit fuchsia fun fur trim and attach it. Because of my last minute nature, I couldn't find it. Plan "C" and "D" weren't very successful either, but the end result is good. I used strings and scraps of fabric and sewed them together without foundation. I cut the segments with the 10 degree wedge ruler. I love this ruler, but I wish the center hole was smaller. I am going to play with the fat cat ruler ( and see what I can do with that. This skirt is for my mini tree for quilt group (which is tonight). It is amazing what the word "contest" encourages you create. The faux binding is a flange, and I attached yo-yo's to the collar (which was added to make the hole smaller). I backed it with fusible fleece. My number one daughter thought the tree was gaudy, however, she wanted to wear the tree skirt as a collar. The branches were rather sparse, so I thought it needed a lot of decorations (at least that was my reasoning)

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SubeeSews said...

I love the colors. I have the circle wedge ruler and the Fat Cat ruler. Have yet to try either one. I am a gaget girl besides collecting fabric and thread.
PS. I will watch your blog from now on. XOXOXOXXO