Monday, December 7, 2009

Quiting Progress

The Christmas rush is here. I have been busy making sure all my promised quilts get done. My quilting schedule has been very limited this year due to my kids being in more activities. These are my most recent finishes. I also finished a beautiful redwork quilt, but I haven't taken any pictures of it yet. It is all trimmed and folded so nothing can happen to it.

The first quilt is a queen size yellow brick road pattern. I love how the feathers make it look more intricate.

The second quilt is a small quilt with applique mittens. I think it turned out very well. I just love the border fabric. It makes me wish I had bought some myself. Then I have to remember that it would just lay on the shelves with the rest of my fabric.

The third quilt is a free pattern from the internet (one of the fabric companies). It was well put together and nice and straight. I love that kind!! I did freehand water on it. I think it makes it look more like a rainforest. I hope the customer is pleased. It was tought to pick a thread color on this one. I went with a variegated thread by YLI. This is the one thread that I have problems running on my machine. This time it behaved well and I only had a few pesky knots to contend with.

Last but not least is a beautiful art quilt that is over 90" long. The customer brought metallic thread for me to use. This is my first attempt with this type of thread. So far it is behaving well. I stabilized the entire quilt first by stitching in the ditch all the sections. So far I have 4 of the rays quilted with the metallic thread. My instructions were to have fun with it.

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