Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday I spent the evening doing a very broad search on for my stripe fabric. I just can't come up with a plan "b" at this point without a lot of unsewing. It's bad when you start dreaming about fabric. I was dreaming that maybe I saved the selvage.

When I discovered the selvage blog (, I started saving my selvages and dreaming up projects to do with them. In addition, other quilters have been gifting me their selvages. Today I decided to dump them and put the dreams to rest. Did I save the selvage or not?????

First - I found all my hidden containers and baggies (there were a lot of them), then I did the big dump. This is what the pile looks like
I feel bad saving these little strings, but they are so pretty to look at that I just can't part with them. I just love all the things I can create with them. My husband will want to get me some help when he sees the pile. Do you see it in there? The stripe, the dreaded stripe. Let me zoom in for a closer look-

It's there!!! My dream was right. I don't remember trimming that off before I demonstrated the Studio cutter to Bonnie. I hope my fabric nightmares will stop. I now have a name. It is from Alexander Henry 2005 and it is from the line "Super Stripe". It came in several colors. I have found some of the colors on the internet, but not this one. If you find this in your stash or at a store in any amount - I am willing to buy or trade. The pieces in the quilt are 1 1/2" big, so scraps will work.


MaryAnn said...

AT least you can feel accomplished that you now know exactly what you are looking for--one of your many friends will find it for you.

SubeeSews said...

Perhaps this is the one for you....

Laurie said...

Good luck finding that stripe. It's wonderful that we have the internet to help us in searches like this now though.

AnneP said...

Try checking

Michelle said...

Why feel bad for saving the selvages? It looks like they're all together in one place (unlike my own, which are always mixed in with the rest of my scraps)

You'll either use them one of these days, or toss them, or pass them on to someone else who needs them for a project.

Nothing at all to feel bad about!