Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kicking my Bootie!

Have you ever had a quilt block that just won't work out? I have new admiration for anyone who has completed a dresden plate quilt.

I think I went about this the correct way. I started with a pattern (not one of my own). I gave it a go - three times I might ad - and none of the fans came out to a quarter of a circle. I finally wised up and tested the pattern (after I was the queen of the ripper). After taping the pattern pieces together on the dotted lines (alias stitch lines), I discovered the pattern was wrong. At this point I didn't feel like a complete failure.

I ordered the Easy Dresden template. Guess what? I didn't have good results with this either. It was better than the first attempt, but this pattern requires extreme exactness. If anyone has any pointers, just send them my way. At this point I am thinking my summer banner needs something different than a beautiful sun across the top.

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