Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Party entertainment

I know, tomorrow is Valentines day not Christmas. I can't seem to get as much done as I think I can. Several people from my small quilt group have asked about the pictures from the Christmas party. At the Christmas party we had a little "roast" for the naive and reserved quilter E. Now E is a very reserved kind of person who happened to have a piece of leopard skin fabric in her stash long ago. Well we (especially me) were quite shocked by this. The group decided that we needed to shower her with some lovely leopardy items to go with her "stash" This became a 6 month hunt for the perfect gifts. The first item E opened was a lovely cape (which she chose to wear around all night)with her initial appliqued on the back. I think it was a nice touch.

She was quite surprised with the first gift and wondered why someone would bring her a special gift. After several more gifts, she began to see a theme.

A leopard mug, a thread catcher, a tote bag, a snuggy, ironing board, a new bra. She never did tell if she modeled these for her husband.

Barb had to hunt for the perfect bra to make for E. I think she was successful. Diane made a special garter for E. She said it was perhaps the sexiest one she ever made. I don't know if E is excited to try it on.

I think this gift was perhaps her favorite gift. Thank goodness her sister was sitting next to her and could explain what it was and how it was to be worn. It was a special bikini made by Joann. Those are the bottoms that she is holding up.

I think all the excitement wore E out. She is looking kind of tired in this picture playing bingo, and there was a report that her belly hurt so much from laughing. E I'm glad you took this so well, and I am glad that you felt the love that went into the roasting.

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MaryAnn said...

Fabulous pictures...Made me wish I had been there for all the fun.