Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Neutral Bliss

Another big box came today to go with the other fabrics I purchased recently.  This one is full of Neutral Bliss! This is 70 different one yard cuts of neutral fabrics from cream to tan to golden.
Those few fabrics on the right were just a little stash enhancement.  I do realize that the next jelly flop swap isn't until June, but I couldn't wait that long.  And they say quilting takes a lot of patience...I admit that I have none!!   This will give me plenty of time to get them cut and swapped.  I am just thankful I didn't have to cut the one yard pieces.
Ellen had a very good point that I never really thought about.  The reason I am always short on neutrals is because they don't say, "you are just so beautiful that I must have a little of you and take you out of the store".  Let's face it, when you go into a quilt shop you don't look at the neutrals unless you need them for a specific project.  You don't say..."I love that shade of cream, I need to buy some."  Now if it was a red or green with a specific pattern, absolutely.

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