Saturday, March 10, 2012

Short and Sweet Adventure

I had a little adventure to a yarn shop with Tina today.  We thought we were going to be shutdown when we arrived at our destination, and the shop was empty.  Never fear, they just moved and we have GPS.  It was worth the delay.  What's a good friend to do when there is StarBella  yarn on the line.  They had received a shipment recently.  Holy Cow!  I don't know how much they received but they didn't have much left.  What's a girl to do but take it all.  I even had to wrestle my friend Tina for the color I wanted.  Ok, we really didn't wrestle, but I took it right out of her hand because I wanted THAT color.  If she hadn't given it up so easily, I probably would have taken her out for it.  The shop had 3 other kinds of this type of yarn.  2 of which I had never seen before.

After the yarn shop, we were off to the quilt shop.  You know it is going to be a great day when you are greeted at the door with "Have you heard about our sale".  I bet she could see the excitement growing in my eyes. 
 The top fabric Tina talked me into.  She didn't have to talk too hard.  She invisioned a pillow case.  I invisioned a baby coin charity quilt.  I can't wait to dig into Char and Nancy's scraps for the coins.

See those great neutrals?  Those are for the next ISE group jelly flop swap!  They had a great selection of fabrics both sale and otherwise.  I had been on a quest for the perfect red to border my very old orange crush quilt with.  I finally found the perfect shade.  It was just patiently waiting for me to find it on the clearance table. 
Eleanor delivered all the quilt going to the Henryville, Indiana tornado relief.  Eleanor had 3 more, and Lorraine had one that is not pictured.  When I saw that Eleanor was donating her blue ridge beauty quilt that she just finished, I about flipped.  
She said that the collection site was very organized and everyone was very appreciative of our efforts.  Thanks to everyone that was able to contribute. 

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