Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Perhaps anticipation is the big appeal for me to order fabric online.  Well ordering from Hancock's of Paducah gives you plenty of time to think about it.  My order just arrived today that I placed on 9/23.  I realize that isn't really very long, but the wait was simply killing me.

Remember when I was deciding on a border for this plus quilt.  Eleanor suggested the fabric pictured....except I have less than a fat quarter.  I think what makes this fabric work is the large amount of white.  I looked for something similar in my resource  center, but I didn't find anything.

I spotted these two pieces online.  They are mostly white with some grey and a little yellow.  What do you think of these?

I am undecided.  I really need to hang them on the design wall to get the full view.

 No order would be complete without a few "incidentals".  The Black/Red/White is for my twister quilt border (planning ahead).  I didn't have a single piece of fabric with both black and red in it.

There are a few more things that came in my envelope, but I can't show them. They are prizes for the upcoming Christmas party.

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