Monday, October 8, 2012

What I am working On

Actually I have been doing more shopping than sewing or quilting.  I did manage to get one twister runner sewn together and finish quilting a baby quilt.
On the shopping note, these are my purchases from 2 quilt shops.  I think I did well.  the pile isn't too large!

 The problem is we didn't stop at just 2 quilt shops.  We went to Joan's too.  All the red tag fabrics were half off.  I hit the Denyse Schmidt mother load.  These were all the prints I found in the clearance.  You had to see the look on the faces of the other shopper when my cart arrived at the cutting table.  They were all praying that I had a number after them!!  I had the nicest fabric cutter.  She told me it didn't matter if she cut 30 bolts for me, or 1 bolt for 30 customers.  It was her job to cut fabric.

I decided to see how it looked with the other DS fabrics I already had.  I wish I could have found a stray bolt of the blue/green dots, but I think those are all  long gone.  I kept putting those few maroon bolts back, but I am glad I went ahead and purchased them.  the look nice with all the other fabrics in small quantities.

It was a glorious day shopping with friends.  No stashbusting was done this week.

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Dar said...

Your purchases are lovely. What fun it must have been. I don't blame you for buying them at half off.