Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Topper

This pinning at night thing seems to be working for me.  I was able to get this top all put together without the borders in just a week.  This included re-work from poor workmanship.

I have pulled another project to work on.  I am saving the border work for a different time.  I will have a weekend of borders.  Is this called batch processing?

In order to please my daughter - who exclaimed I had nothing to hang on the wall for Christmas, I pulled some more leftover charms.  I think these pieces will never end!

I saw this pattern on a blog, so I
followed the link to Moda.  I won't have it ready for Christmas, but always get in the mood to sew for the holidays too close to Christmas.  Perhaps it will be finished for next year.  This pattern would make a great tree skirt also.  The patterns calls for this ruler, but if you have been practicing the take away method, you already know how to do this.  If you are still struggling with the, you may want to get the ruler to help you.

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