Monday, December 3, 2012


Bringing out these old projects and working on them is very inspiring to me, yet I still can't focus on doing one project at a time.  I am excited to be getting to know these UFOs once again.  This is where my wheels started turning, and my excitement started building.  Wouldn't it be fun to have sort of a fashion show/parade of all my projects that I have hidden away in containers?

I thought this could have a multi-effect.

  1. I could count all my unfinished projects so I knew exactly what I had
  2. I would get reacquainted with what I needed to do to finish them
  3. I could decide if I wanted to finish them or donate them - perhaps there is some stuff in my studio that I don't want to finish
  4. I could prioritize and set some goals on what I want to finish in 2013 - which will once again be focused on finishing 
  5. I could put binding fabric with each of my projects so I don't use it for something else
Binding was one thing that really hindered me this year.  When I put most of my projects away, I did not put the binding fabric with it.  Don't make this mistake!  Once fabric sells out, you are generally out of luck, or you will waste loads of time looking for the perfect binding to match.  Is there anyone else that would like to join the UFO parade?

I do realize - this is going to cause a huge mess in my currently clean studio.  And readers- don't judge me when I get over 50 (and I don't mean years old).

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