Thursday, December 4, 2014

December goals

It is hard to believe November is already over.  This year is flying by!

November goals were:
  1. Quilt 2 customer quilts
  2. Put borders on 2 quilts
  3. Quilt 3 quilts from the UFO parade
  4. Cut out the pieces for the new Bonnie mystery.

I did not do much quilting in November.  I did manage to put the borders on 1 quilt and I have the border pieces ready to go for the second quilt.  I quilted two things of my own from the parade (very small items).  I had enough pieces already in my precut bin for Bonnie's mystery, so I am off and running on another UFO.  I fell short on my goals, but I made a little more progress.

December goals are mostly the same:
  1. Quilt 1 customer quilt
  2. Quilt 1 of my own
  3. work on the Bonnie mystery 
  4. Put borders on 2 more quilts
Those seem like pretty simple goals, but every weekend seems to be filled with activities.

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