Friday, December 5, 2014

The Cabin

Several friends have asked about a cabin that my family recently acquired.  I finally had my camera and remembered to take pictures (of course the pictures are a month old).

 This is a picture from the deck the river is just  beyond the trees.  We had a local farmer plant the tillable acres with soybeans.
 This is also from the deck.  The river wraps around the bottom ground like a horseshoe.
 This is the cabin.
This is also part of the property.  The windmill pumps water into the pond.

This is a little bit of photo overload, but the fall colors were so amazing.  We have several deer that live in the bottom ground along with the wild turkeys.

Delaney took these last 4 photos of the river low ground.  Her photos of the reflecting trees were so great that I wanted to share.

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