Monday, February 9, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I had hoped for a little more progress in my studio this weekend, but I decided I better get painting in the boys room.  They selected a great taupe color for the main walls.  Nothing can be that simple, so they want stripes.  I love the background color so much that I bought extra so I can do some painting at the cabin.

I did manage to tackle my mountain of batting scraps.  I wish I had taken a picture of what I started with.  I was shocked at how much I had when I dug it out of every nook and cranny that I had tucked it into.  I ended up getting everything shredded and stuffed into pillows that I made.  I was pleasantly surprised on how much stuffing it took to fill my 25" pillows.  I was able to get 3 pillow forms made.  I hope my batting keeps my pillows nice and firm.  I think I finally have my batting scraps under control an organized.  The red tub has a some poly stuffing and the rest of the batting scraps are labeled and have size tags attached.

On my goal list for February was to play with blue scraps.  Deb keeps teasing me by showing her blue and brown quilt.  I decided I would play with my blue scraps and make a similar quilt.  I am adding a little green to my color scheme.  I am glad I made a sample block because my math brain was not turned on correctly when I cut out the first block.  Most of my blue scraps were either 2 1/4" or 2", so I wanted to use 2" bricks.  I was able to re-figure the block and make it correctly the second time around.  The incorrect block (the one on the top) will be a perfect addition to the quilt backing so it won't go to waste.  I am wondering how many blue scrap projects I will need to do before the drawer shuts without a lot of force.

I have quite a ways to go on my February goals, so I need to get busy.  I need to get my projects organized for my retreat this weekend so I can utilize my sewing time.  Ahhh therapy!

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Kat said...

Love your blue and brown quilt!Great scrap buster!

Anonymous said...

blue and brown is a great color combination. Aren't you glad you did a test block before cutting everything?!