Thursday, May 17, 2012

Periwinkle #66

I am using Freezer Paper Templates for this block.  This is the regular freezer paper that you find in the grocery store.  The box does say that it is plastic.  I thought maybe they changed the product, but I checked the box.  You will need to print the templates for this block.  Please make sure you have the "scaling" box unchecked.  If you want to verify the size (and avoid frustration), print out template #1 from your computer with your printer.  Measure the block - it should measure 2 1/2" X 2 1/2".  If it does, go ahead and print your template 61 and 70 for block #66.  If you get another size, read all the options when you are printing and make sure you are printing actual size.

#66 Periwinkle - Cutting

Color 1- Background
Cut a 2 1/2" strip

Color 2 & 3
Cut 2 squares each 2 3/4"

Trace your templates on freezer paper.  If you want to get them accurate, use a ruler when tracing.  You can also iron the freezer paper to the paper that you printed the template on.  This will keep it from shifting

For the background color.  Since these will go all the way around the block, I marked a grain line on the long edge.
Lay your 2 1/2" strip wrong sides together.  This will give you 2 pieces with one being reversed.  Iron the freezer paper template to the right side of the fabric.  Place the acrylic ruler along the edge of the paper and make your first cut.  Turn your rotary mat and cut the other side in the same way.  You can either use your rotary cutter or scissors to trim off the corners to match the template.  Remove the paper and iron the template to the fabric again.  You need 4 of each piece (#61 & #61R). 

Stack the four 2 3/4" square right sides up in a stack aligning one of the corners.  Iron on template 70 aligning the point of the template with the corner of the stack.  Place your ruler on the paper template and cut with you rotary cutter.  Cut both sides, then cut the notches at the point.  You don't have to notch these, but they will help you line things up. 

Lay out all your pieces to make sure they make a square object.  This will help you to get the pattern pieces and the reversed pieces in the correct spots.
Sew a background piece to each of the kite shaped pieces.  Repeat with the remaining background pieces.  Press opposing sides the same (2 toward the kites, and 2 away from the kites).  Join  the units pinning the intersections.  Press toward the same color.  Measure you Unit with the easy angle.  It should be equal to a 3 1/2" half square.  
Join the 2 units to complete the 6 1/2" block. Press the final seam open.

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Melinda said...

You even got all the polka dots lined up - amazing. You make the block look easy!