Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seasons #77

 The FW book makes this block with 9 pieces, and my version is with 13 pieces.  Normally I like to take out seams, but with this block, I wanted to keep the bias away from the edge (and avoid templates).

Color #1 (Orange)
1 square 2 5/8"
4- 3" finished quarter square triangles (2" strip companion angle)

Color #2 (Green)
4 squares 2 5/8"
4 triangles cut with Easy Angle 2" strip (1 1/2" finished)

 Sew your pieces together on the diagonal like a quilt getting set on point.  On my block, I pressed everything toward the green.

Join the center section in a row; and the outside sections into triangles.
Join the 3 sections to complete the block.  Block should measure 6 1/2"

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