Monday, May 7, 2012

Stacking them up

Once again, I am layering projects on my design wall.  I haven't touched the mystery quilt.  I did manage to make a few more of the pink/black blocks.

Eleanor gave back the strippy quilt with the wonderful applique on it.  It is my turn for borders and quilting.  Then back to Eleanor for binding.  I am having trouble deciding on a border(s) color.  Do you think one or 2 borders? 

I also cut and sewed together the squares for the twister quilt (don't mind the helpers were ummmm...helping)  Since I have never made one of these before, I am struggling with what color for the first border.  The ones I viewed online used a light border so that the design sort of floated.  I am open to any suggestions you may have for a border color. 

Here is a closer look.  I don't have very many lights in my stash.  Well, maybe I should rephrase that...I don't have as many lights as I do other values.  Here is a close look at the color.  I guess I normally go darker on the border so it is hard to visualize.


heather said...

Maybe it would look good with a thin black/dark purple border to frame it and then the light.

straythreads said...

I like the flowers on the jelly roll strips! the other quilts look good too.

Anonymous said...

I think that color would make the twister blocks float nicely