Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Finishes/February Goals

The master plan is 2 quilts/month from the "list" of UFOs 2013

My goals for January were:

  1. Finish Spicy Spiral in Valentine's colors 
  2. Add Borders to my Twister Quilt and Piece the backing
  3. 10 FW blocks and post the tutorials online
  4. Put the borders on the flannel quilt and piece the backing
  5. Move one project to a new home

How did I do?  

I fell short on getting the FW blocks posted.  I have them done, but I haven't had a chance to get all the photos uploaded.  In addition to this list, I also:

  • finished a second spicy spiral from the list 
  • quilted the flannel quilt from number 4
  • Put together the "8" quilt and added the borders
That gives me 3 finished for January!  (I consider giving the project away a finish)

How many new starts did I have in January?  - 1  This might be a record for me.  In addition, I just finished that quilt so it is not going to be going on the UFO list.

February is a short month, so I am going to keep my goals simple.  I do have a retreat this month which should help a little bit.  

Flannel Quilt 
Crazy 8 Quilt
  1. 10 FW block tutorials
  2. Quilt the Crazy "8" quilt, and bind
  3. Put the binding on the quilt in #4 
  4. Piece the backing for the Monkey Tumbler quilt
  5. Quilt the Aqua/Tan Quilt and bind

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