Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Madness

Actually I am feeling a little less mad because I was able to play in my space this weekend.  Friday night was filled with wrestling, and Saturday morning was show choir.  Hubby and I spent the rest of Saturday spending the day together.  Just the 2 of us.  It has been a very long time since we spent time together alone without having obligations.  Hubby insisted we go to a quilt shop that I love since it was only a few miles from the show choir competition.  Since I gave up buying fabric for a bit, my DH bought a few things for me.  He was such a good sport about carrying my bolts around the shop.

I was able to finish this quilt on Sunday for Eleanor

I started quilting this quilt for another customer.  She wanted a simple stippling pattern so I should be able to finish it up this week.  She said she purchased most of the reds from Connecting Threads.  I think it is very striking


Last but not least, a picture of my FW blocks.  Putting the block up like this makes me want to finish them in order.  The "blanks" are all the blocks that I still need to complete.  I have lots of them cut out, I just need to find the time to sew them up.

I love the cheerful happy colors of the bright scraps.  My box is still really full of scraps.  Do you see any fabrics that were formerly yours?

Oh, and those trays on the floor.  Those are my most recent scrap acquisition.  They are sorted in piles by color and waiting to be filed or sewn into a new project.

Thanks for visiting stop over to Judy's to see what other are working on.

This weeks agenda is to finish the quilt in the frame and quilt one of mine that is on my March goals list.  I also hope to kit up some projects and get things ready for this weekend's library retreat.


kwiltnkats said...

Another RRCB. The design is just wonderful. So many of them in every imaginable color combination. I also went with the suggested colors. Even if they are the same colors they still look so different. Love mine. Your FW is very nice, you should sneak in the time to get a few done each week. You'll be finished before you know it. Nice hubby! Sandi

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Love the FW blocks! Keep going on those!