Friday, February 21, 2014

Candy Club

I am excited about next month's meeting and starting candy club.  Moda candy - 42 squares  2 1/2" of delicious colors.   One piece of each fabric in the line (if there are less than 42 fabrics in the line, there may be a repeat) .  One quarter of a charm pack.  What could be better than a new pack of candies each month?  I am looking forward to playing with fabrics that I wouldn't normally purchase.   Do you find that you get stuck in a color rut?  Do you have a particular style of fabric you like? This is a fun way to play without making a significant purchase.

The first candy is Simply Style from V and Co.

The first thing I did was rip off the paper wrapper and sort them by color.  So many possibilities!  They look good at every angle.  A lovely selection of lights, mediums, and darks.  I haven't decided what I am making yet, but I just keep arranging them.