Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Sadly, my design wall looks much the same as last week.  I did make some more of the darker blocks and I like how the addition make the muted colors shine.  I plan to make 5 more of the darker blocks.  My logic is that I will have 10% dark blocks.

I did this pillow topper for a customer.  She requested an older pantograph that is widely spaced - Feather Meander.   I loosely follow it because it has some wonkiness to it.

 It really shows up well on the muslin on the back.  Perhaps a little too well!  I do love how this pantograph looks.
 Today I hope to finish quilting the matching quilt.  It is a mammoth 100" X 96".  The batiks in it are really great.

This is my mountain of quilts to bind.  I have 21 of them ready to bind.  I must be a batch processor.  Trimming these edges has my scrap bin overflowing!

It is hard to believe it is February already.  I had an amazing month of sewing and quilting in January.  Today am going to post my goals for February and see what I am going to "tackle" this month.

Stop over at Judy's and see what others are working on.


Sue Daurio said...

Wow the quilting looks amazing on the back side, love it. 21 quilts to bind, oh my!!!

Kate said...

The addition of the darker stars does make the quilt shimmer a bit, your eye keeps moving. It's going to be a beauty.

Jennifer said...

I agree - great quilting! And good luck on all that binding - maybe you can get some done while watching the Olympics.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Ooh... those dark blocks are looking wonderful Teri! And just look at that pile of quilts... will they all be done by hand?

SnyCrafts said...

So beautifull! I love it! ;)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Grea job on everything! I need to get back to everything on my end. lol