Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year and a new Focus

EDITED:  After reviewing my UFOs for the year, I feel the need to update my goals a bit.

I have been working on UFOs for so long that I seem to be having a little trouble coming up with my new plan for the year.  Happy 2015!

These are a few of my quilting goals for the year:
  1. Finish 20 more quilts that are already in process (I still have plenty to pick from)
  2. Make some new fun things while sifting through my scraps- finishing the new projects that I start
  3. Make a quilt for my bed that actually matches my room
  4. Use some of my fabrics that I have been collecting so I can enjoy them
  5. Play with some of my new rulers and gadgets
Theses seem like achievable goals.  I did not meet my goal of finishes last year, but I did make huge progress on my UFOs.  I didn't use a lot of fabric for the last 2 years since I was focusing on finishing my UFOs.  I am not going to quit shopping this year, but I do want to use some of the fabrics I have accumulated.  I want to enjoy it while I still love it!  I want to bring new things to retreats.

Each month I have decided I want to play with a specific color of fabric.  This month I was inspired by red.  Why was I inspired?  The red scrap drawer simply wouldn't shut any more!  I have a vision of sort of working my way through my scraps this year.  

So for the month of January, I have already started 3 red projects.  I have been cutting and cutting and cutting the little bits that I have been saving  hoarding for way too long.  

 The first project was the pixel heart.  I just loved this project when it was first posted on the internet.  I am going to make this into a pillow.  I put it together in less than an hour.  The background for one block takes 1 1/2 strips (if you are using 2 1/2" squares like the tutorial)  I love how it reminds me of candy hearts.  One block is the perfect size for a pillow or small wall hanging.  This is a great way to use up some of those left over charm squares.  It takes exactly 42 squares for one heart (yes, that is how many are in a candy pack).

The next project I started was from the book Stripology.  There are some great patterns in the book for 1 1/2" strip.  Most of my scraps are at least 1 1/2" wide so this book is perfect for those little bits.  Of course if you are a math brain, you can convert them to all different size strips.  This will be a Valentine's runner for the cabin.  All the colored sections are the same size which makes it a fun pattern to cut out while sifting through scraps.  Notice all the color pieces are staggered so there are no seams to line up.  There are some typographical errors in the book (just so you are aware), but it has some great patterns.

The 3rd pattern I started is from the same book, but I haven't started putting the pieces together.  

I am looking forward to sewing with friends this weekend.  I hope to makes some more blocks for my runner.

My word of the year is 


I am told that re-organize way too much.  I am always looking for a better more efficient way to do things and store things.  This word applies to my quilting, family, and home life.  I want to spend more time doing, and less time looking for things.  

Do you have a great organizational tip you would like to share?

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Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

You and I are in sync once again as I finally got a post up today and am getting the thoughts flowing re 2105. I just feel all over the place and have settled on Focus for my word this year. Too many balls in the air for my liking. One organizing tip that works for me is setting limits. One box, one drawer, one shelf, etc. When that limit is full I must stop adding or clear it out - just like you are doing with your red scraps.