Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cut Glass - #26

I tried to sew this block on my little Janome, so don't judge me by my block.  I have tried, but I simply can't get the precision on that machine that I can get on my Viking.  It is a good machine, but the pressure foot is just isn't the same as my Viking.  I will be remaking this block if I want to put it in my FW.  It did not come out square.

Don't forget, if you are still working on your precision, you can cut your pieces a little larger (say 1 3/4" strip) and trim them down with your favorite method.  My favorite method is the square up ruler from Eleanor Burns.  Char did the hard work and cut all my triangles.  I love that girl!

Color 1- Orange

  • 3 - 2 1/2" squares
Color 2 and 3 (red/White)

  • 24 - half squares cut with 1 1/2" strip and easy angle

Sew together the half squares (24) and square up to 1 1/2".  Sew the half squares together in pairs and then into 4 patches.  Check to make sure all your 4-patches measure 2 1/2".  Before I pressed the seams open, I trimmed the ends at an angle to reduce the bulk.  Join the 9 units together to form a 6 1/2" block.

This is my very wonky Cut Glass Dish block that does not measure 6 1/2".  

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