Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To border or not to border....that is the question

I  actually have a Wednesday update.  I finished putting the blocks together.  I think I like it better without a border, but the jury is still out.  I love the colors and how they blend together.  Thanks so much Ellen for charging me up with grey and yellow.  Perhaps I will be able to move on to a different color combo soon.
 This was my next dilemma.  My 50 year old state of the art house had an intercom system.  When we replastered the bathroom, my DH asked if I wanted to keep the speaker.  At the time, I still used it occasionally so I said we should leave it.  Fast forward 5 years, we never use it.  I removed it when I was painting the bathroom.  My husband asked me what we should do with the hole, and I said not to worry about it.  I had an idea.  (sorry, I don't know why blogger turned my photo)  I measured the hole and I set to work.

It is all quilted and the binding is ready for hand stitching.  It will look lovely hanging right above the light switch covering the hole that I should have removed when I had the chance.  I made with with the twister template that takes the 3 1/2" squares.  I think this is a nice size for table mats and hole hiders.

This quilt is to hang in my dining room to help control the noise of my children who can't take turns talking.  When they were younger, we had to have a talk stick.  The kids were only allowed to talk if they held the stick.  At this age, they would probably just whack each other with the stick. 

I have been trying to pick the perfect binding color.  I had tried at least 10 colors from my stash, but none of them seemed to fit.  Today when I hung the quilt, it spoke to me.  I have the binding attached to this quilt as well, so I have plenty of hand stitching to do. 

 After a little work, it was time to clean up the scraps.  I had pictures of the "in process", but it was just too embarrassing to post.  Wow is my studio messy.


Vicki said...

Looks great and a nice solution! Hey my whole house is a mess. Your's looks nice. I crop out the mess during photos, hahah.

Eleanor said...

In regards to the yellow/gray quilt. Try using the dark gray/yellow fabric as your border or binding. ( there are only three crosses and 2 squares of this fabric). The fabric you are auditioning might work as a 1 inch border before the darker border. Just a couple of thoughts!
As always, you have a beautiful quilt.