Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shopping Adventure

I can't remember the last time Tina and I went on a shopping adventure.  It is probably a good thing that we don't go too often.  They might post our picture with a warning at the checkout!!

I started the day with 2 exercise classes to get my energy level up.  It definitely made the stink-o-meter go up  if nothing else.

I met up with Tina and my niece Ally, and we started the day at the CindaB warehouse sale.  My girls had been wanting me to make them messenger bags.  I ended up picking up 3 messenger bags, a horizontal tote and a beach bag.  I am pleased to check the messenger bags off my list.

We made several other stops before heading to Defiance to look for more Denyse Schmidt goodness.  After all, the clearance is 50% off at Joann's this weekend.  Boy did we find clearance.  The bolts were stacked about 15 high!!  It was a two person adventure.  One person lifted, and the other person pulled the bolt.  I think my DS collection is almost complete for now.  Needless to say the other shoppers were not very impressed with us.
 Isn't it a beautiful collection?  As to what I am going to make with, I haven't decided yet.  Everywhere I have looked over the past 2 weeks on the Internet, I have been seeing these fabrics and  I just needed, obsessed about them.  There are still a few prints that I don't have, but I don't think those ever made it to the clearance.

I found the brown twig fabric and the black fabric at the Joann's clearance mountain.  I don't know what it was about that black fabric, but I really liked it.  The fabric on the right was the end of the bolt at a quilt shop.  I love the color and design of it, but my DH thought it looked like his late grandmother's dress- LOL. He will like it once it is sewn into something.

Last night my husband asked me how much $$ I had invested in my stash.  I responded with...."let's not think about that".

We picked up several more door prizes for the Christmas party and had a fabulous day.  I made it home in time for the ND football game.

Today the plan is to mix up some cookies, spend time with the family, and perhaps sew a stocking and some FW blocks.  Hmm...could I use those DS fabrics for a stocking?  Probably so, but I am not ready to cut into them yet.  They aren't properly aged.

Hopefully I will have something fun to post on Design Wall Monday.

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