Monday, April 8, 2013

Focus... or lack of I should say

I have a long list of things that need to be done, or things I should be doing, but I am grazing from one project to the next.  My design wall looks like a windstorm attacked it.

I have a couple of swoon block that I am trying to salvage, a lot of Farmer's Wife blocks, and the start of a nautical baby quilt hanging there.

 I made the swoon block on the right, and it turned out PINK- both my girls said it was really ugly.  I thought if I made another block that wasn't so PINK, I might be able to help it.  I think it made it worse.  I plan to do 2 more blocks.  I have one block cut out and I am trying to decided on the color of the last block.  I am entertaining the idea of that yellow- in hopes of toning down the pick background.  Somehow I thought the pink I chose for a background was pale.  I guess I shouldn't choose colors so late at night.  I actually thought about white when I started the block, but it just didn't seem right.
These pendants are the start of a baby quilt.  I don't have any idea or pattern.  Can you believe I did not have a polka dot in my stash to match these nautical colors.  I have 2 more baby quilt cut out and kitted for the next retreat, but I haven't started sewing them yet.

I have 4 nieces expecting this year.  This is only the beginning of the baby quilts.

On this weeks agenda - cut the background pieces for this quilt.  I was going to use one fabric for the background.  I really tried to convince myself!  In the back of my mind, I remembered that my whites container was stuffed.  I plan to iron these scraps that are at least 2 1/2" wide and cut them the lengths needed for the pattern.

I realize none of these items are on my April goals list.  I hope to get to my goal list before the end of the month, but until then, I am just going to play with scraps and have some fun.  After all, that is the whole point of this hobby.

I received a new grab bag from This-n-that Fabrics today.  I think they have the best deal on scrap bags.  Most of the pieces are at least a fat eighth.  This represents what I received in my 3# bag.  It is fun to add selections to my stash that I never would have picked.  Part of the entertainment is just sorting the bag.

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Michelle said...

Are those the really big Swoon blocks? Maybe you could add a border to the one you don't like and use it to back a baby quilt.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I'm behind on blogs that I comment on. lol

Love everything that is going on on the design wall! GOod luck with the swoon blocks!