Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Pink Quilt

My girls say this quilt is just too pink, but I like it.  Neither one of them are pink girls.  I didn't overload them on pink when they were young, so I am not sure why this is.

I put the borders on this quilt a few weeks ago, so I wanted to quilt it before I lost interest.  This quilt is for a special young lady that is 2 weeks old.  I am planning on attaching the binding by machine again.  I hope to get a little better each time.

Instead of a simple loopy meander, I wanted to see how well I could make circles.  I was aiming for sort of a bubble pattern and practicing my spacing.

I like how it turned out and I would do this freehand pattern again.  The thread is Aurifil 40wt, and the batting is Thinsulate.  I love this batting so much.  When I run out of my stockpile supply, I will switch to Dream Puff from Quilter's Dream.  It is the closest I have found to the Thinsulate brand

The month is almost over, I all my finishes have been from recent starts.  Hopefully I can get one or two more finishes before the month is over.  One week!

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

OH, I really like that quilt! And it is not too pink. :) Love the quilting!