Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Finish

Ok, I am a little giddy here.  Well, more than a little.  I have a finish to report!  This is a long forgotten project, that I wanted completed...alias to mean off the studio floor.

Don't get any ideas!  I am not cooking dinner tonight.

 This is another recent completion (thank you so much binding fairy)!  I just love this quilt.  I think I posted about this quilt earlier.  It is from this book.  It was made with scraps and one Moda scrap bag.  The line is from Kate Spain.

It now resides on my dining room wall to help control my little noise boxes.

 On the other wall in my dining room I hung a vinyl saying and cleared out the clutter.  I am very pleased with how this turned out.

In my determination to finish a few things, I put my spare sewing machine on the dining room table to capture additional snippets of time.  I am sad to say that my family no longer has a table to eat on.

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