Friday, August 10, 2012

Darting Birds

Are you saying any choice words yet?  You have all month to do these blocks, so don't feel rushed.  Mine went quickly because I had all the 1 1/2" half squares already sewn.

#27 Darting Birds

4- 1 1/2" squares
16- 1" finished half squares (1 1/2" strip with the EZ angle)
4- 2" finished half squares (2 1/2" strip with the EZ angle)
24 - 1' finished half squares (1 1/2" strip with EZ angle)
4- 1 1/2" squares

Sew 16 1" finished half squares; press open and square up if necessary

Join the half squares in pairs and press open
Add a 1 1/2" square to 4 of these.

add the remaining 8 Triangles to the remaining 4 dark 1 1/2" squares.  Square up with the easy angle to a 2" finished half square

Join the 2" finished half squares to the pieced triangle unites to make 2 1/2" squares.  Use the diagonal line on the ruler to square up if necessary. 

Add these to the pairs of half squares (Press Open); then add with the remaining pieced units.  Square up to 3 1/2" if necessary. 

Join the 4 units to complete the 6 1/2" block

I am still working on emptying containers.  All these 4 patches were in a box waiting to be used.  I tried several different colors for the background fabric and nothing seemed quite right.  I decided to continue with the scrappiness.  I need to let this simmer for a while.  I have lots of 4 patches and I am not sure where this is headed. 

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