Monday, August 20, 2012

Doing the Zip

 This has nothing to do with any type of sewing item.  I haven't had time to do any sewing, but we did a quick family weekend to Columbus, Ohio and Hocking Hills.  The kids really enjoyed the zip line.  I was glad that my step daughter was able to join us for the day also.

I think both the guides were a little sad that Abby brought along her friend.  They were inquiring a bit about how we were all related....trying to figure out if Elliot was a brother or a boyfriend.

 This is the whole gang hanging out on a rock.  

This is doing the zip line.  

This is Hubby and I posing on one of the aerial bridges.

I did discover that I am a little afraid of heights.  It took me until the 3rd zip to not feel like I was going to toss my cookies.  I was fine when I was doing the zip line, it was just when we were perched high in the trees waiting to go.  I didn't reveal this to my children (who I am sure would have made the situation worse).  It is sort of crazy that the height made me nauseous, because I did roofing with my hubby occasionally before we were married.  I guess having kids changes a lot of things.

I hope to get back to the rest of the FW blocks soon.  

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