Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birds in the Air

This is the next block for August.  It is number #7 in the Farmer's wife book.  We are going to continue with lots more of the 1" finished half squares.

4- 3" finished triangles (3 1/2" strip and Easy Angle)
12- 1" finished triangles (1 1/2" strip and EA)
24- 1" finished triangles (1 1/2" strip and EA)

Make 12- 1 1/2" half squares;  square up and press seams open without steam.  Trim away excess if desired

Arrange the pieces with all the dark angles going the same way.  sew together in rows.

Sew the rows of 1" finished squares and triangles together and use your easy angle to square up to a 3" finished half square.  This is tricky, because no matter how hard you try, those seams are not going to be all perfectly aligned.  It should be the same size as the larger triangles that you cut.  I pressed everything open and trimmed with each addition.  The quarter inch stitch line should be lined up with the corners of the 1" half squares.
Join the remaining 8 pieces into squares, and then join the squares in a 4 patch fashion.  When I joined the pieced units with the blue triangles, I pinned the corners and tried to align the edges the best I could.
Your block should measure 6 1/2".  I used an assortment of oranges because I didn't have quite enough of one color.  I also substituted a dark for the larger triangles. 

Here is a picture of the 9 blocks from May.  If you see a piece that I have turned the wrong way, don't let me know.  In August, we are only doing 6 blocks because they are more intricate. 

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