Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spiderweb- #83

Several people asked for a little tutorial on this block because they couldn't remember my demo....(or they were talking when I was demonstrating).  None the less, I don't mind posting the instructions on my blog.  It is a good reference for me as well.  I am not constructing it like the templates in the book, so if you want yours just like the book, you will need to use the templates.

2" X 18" strip dark
2" X 18" strip light

4 - triangles cut with a 2 1/4" strip and the easy angle-these can be either light or dark

The ruler on the left is made by Simplicity.  It is called the Simpli-EZ 45 degree Triangle.  There are 360 degrees in a circle, and so if you divide this by 8, you get 45 degree. 
 The other ruler is by Marilyn Doheney and it is called a Kaleidoscope Wedge.  They are both 45 degree, and they will both do the job. 
Sew your 2" strips together on the long edge.  Press toward the dark.  Strip set should measure 3 1/2" x about 18".  Line up the 3 1/2" line with one side of the strip set.  Notice the blunt tip of the simplicity ruler lines up with the other edge.  If you are using the other ruler (or the paper template), the tip of the ruler will extend beyond the edge of the fabric.
Cut on both sides of the template to get the first wedge.  Continue flipping the ruler 180 degrees and cutting wedges until you have 8 pie slices- 4 with the light at the tip and 4 with the dark at the tip.  Join the wedges together in pairs, then join the pairs.  Press to one side.  To join the halves, I like put a pin through both the halves to line up the center point.  Once I have the pin in place holding the centers, I pin the two pieces together.  I remove the center pin before I sew. 
Before you add your remaining triangles, Measure your block.  the edges should be 3 1/4" from the center.  If you need to trim, you should do this before you add the triangles.  If you need to trim, line up the 45 degree line on your ruler to help you keep it straight.

When your block measures 6 1/2" across add the remaining triangles.
When you get your block finished, you will want to spin the center seam to get it to lay flat and be easier to quilt over. 

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