Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Still working my plan

I am working from my January tasks.  I knew I was a list person, but my list of goals seems to be helping me remain focused.

I have the borders on the flannel top, AND I have the backing pieced.  For the last 2 years I have had on my goal  list to use up my flannel.  I failed miserably!  I have too much and I seldom pull it when putting fabrics together for a project.  This top was made from scraps, but the borders and backing came from the flannel mountain.  I can't notice a difference in the stack, but it is a start.  I have been looking through magazines for patterns that look to be flannel friendly.  If you know of any great patterns for this, drop me the link(s)

I think I will go ahead and quilt this even though it isn't on the goal list.  That will leave me with just 2 more tasks for January.

Tonight's task will be to measure the twister quilt that I pieced in 2012 at Shipshe and cut the border strips.

At one time I tried to work on my projects oldest to newest.  That really didn't work for me.  I am trying to pick projects for the month that I feel inspired to work on and go from there.  The flannel scraps are from at least 10 years ago, so they are properly aged.

My kids are always fighting over the flannel quilt that has the Thinsulate batting.  I plan on putting Thinsulate in this one too.  I love the loft and the warmth.  It is very similar to the Dream Puff from Quilter's Dream.

Somehow my helper managed to rest his head on my backing fabric as I was arranging the pieces.  You can see he is hard at work.


Susan C said...

Congratulations on chipping away at your flannel mountain! I have made Yellow Brick Road (Atkindon Designs) in flannel. Quiltville's Bricks & Stepping Stones should be a good pattern for flannel too. Even in SC, I love to curl up with a flannel quilt in the winter.

Regina said...

Oh nice! My son's favorite quilt is the yellow brick road that his aunt (Susan - who just commented) made for us before he was even born. He's snuggled under it right now -but does winter or summer!!! I can't put it away without him digging it out of the basket. Good idea on working on the things that inspire you - it makes finishing easier than an arbitrary project.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great job on getting the top and backing made! Good luck with the flannel mountain!

My helpers always fall asleep on me, too. sigh