Saturday, January 5, 2013

UFO Parade - Grand Finale

I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get to the end of the UFO containers.  As crazy as it may seem, I do not feel overwhelmed.  You may wonder how my UFOs reached epic proportions.  Teaching classes has multiplied my unfinished projects.  Since my time is limited at this stage of my life, I often set class samples to the side to work on the next class samples.  I am very curious about new techniques, and I tend to have lots of new starts because of this.

Isn't this blue sashing on this panel obnoxious?  I have yards and yards of it.

I bought this to practice outline quilting, but I never go the top together.

I think it is rather amazing how it looks when you eliminate the electric blue.  I have changed the colors in my bedroom since I started this, but I still intend to finish it.

Since I am on the topic of bed quilts, The quilt at the left was also started for my bed.  I posted about it on my blog here.  It just needs borders.

I recently put the rows together on this quilt
It took a lot of work to get it together!  I had to do a lot of re-work.  I have learned a lot from teaching classes.  There is a lot of crookedness with this quilt and lots of lumpy seams.  I didn't stress too much when I joined the rows about things lining up perfectly.  It is old and I have improved my cutting and piecing since I started it.

I did learn with the these 2 quilts that I can accomplish quite a bit by pinning at night or in the car.  This put a little fire in my desire to get things finished.

I dug this project out before Christmas to get it put together.  I ran into a little problem with my pressing direction, so I began taking things apart.  I have reached the put back together stage!  Hurray!  I have tons and tons of these 4 patches.  I am not even going to count them.  I think I might have had a little math problem when I was calculating how many I needed.

This makes 4 quilts that I started for my bed and none of them were finished.  I am hesitant to start a new quilt for my bedroom with my new color scheme.  I have the pattern picked and the fabrics purchased, but I haven't cut into them yet.

This flannel quilt was in pieces last month, so I am pleased that I won't be boxing the pieces up again.  I decided to add a few borders to it so it would be a little larger.  The borders are cut, so I think I can get this accomplished in the next few months.

I debated about this project at the end of last year also.  I had the blocks all completed, but I wasn't crazy about them.  I am not real crazy about the pattern, but I decided to go ahead and finish it.  I like it better now that I have the blocks together.  I am down to the borders on this one.

I lost count how many times I put this quilt away.  I decided to piece my border differently.  I put it away when I was unsuccessful.  When I pulled it out the second time, I was successful with my piecing, but the instructions were incorrect.  This is not at the top of my list to finish this year.  I may just decide to move this one to a new home.

Fon's and Porter Americana Sampler.  This quilt is almost in one piece.  It is a mystery why I didn't go ahead and put it together.  The applique and paper piecing are already done, so I am out of excuses on this one.

This was colorway number one of the Sampler class I taught.  It is properly aged, so I need to at least get blocks together this year.

Colorway number 2.  I don't  have as many blocks of this one.  It too is properly aged, so I really need to do something with it.

Another set of sampler blocks in reproduction colors from a quilt class.  There are plenty of blocks here to make a quilt.

Just 4 blocks in these colors.  I used these to demonstrate so I didn't get so many blocks in the Christmas colorways.

Any ideas on what to do with these?  They finish at 12".  Table runner?

This is Roll, Roll Cotton bowl from Bonnie Hunter.  I kept up with all the piecing when the mystery was going on, but I haven't had time to put the pieces together.

This is another Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I didn't do this one as a mystery.  This one came about when I found a whole container of 2" finished half squares.  Her pattern takes 1 1/2" finished half squares, so I enlarged all the pieces.  This UFO isn't very old.

This was a Bonnie mystery from long ago.  It was the first mystery that she did online.  I was crazy and started 2 of them.  I finished one, but this one has been in the box for a number of years.  Everything is done except the setting triangles.

These blocks were put together as leader/enders a few years ago.

This container was gifted to me from a friend.  She was ready to be done with her spare pieces.  I need to make a few more, and I will have enough for a nice size quilt.

This is my current class project and I am enjoying it.  It is from the book Farmer's wife.  I have lots of tutorials on my blog if you are interested in joining in.  I have another one started in softer colors.  I am still motivated to work on both of these this year.  

This is the end of the parade.  I hope you have enjoyed the big reveal.  I am hoping this will give me the motivation to finish some of the projects that have been sitting too long.  Perhaps my massive amount will make you feel better about the few projects you have that aren't completed.  It may just scare you into completing them so you don't end up like me.

Just to Recap the parade:

Part 1 = 12 Projects
Part 2 = 14 Projects
Part 3 = 35 Projects
Part 4 = 18 Projects

If my math is correct, that is a whopping 79 projects!  I did not hit triple digits.  

Now comes the hard part - developing a plan to reduce.  I plan to update my spreadsheet based on my photo journal.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

WOW! I'm in awe! You have so many projects started and so close to finish. I'm the same way with some things. I think that when you have fewer blocks than you need for a large quilt, consider making a baby quilt or wall hanging or table runner. Some one will love anything that you put together!

Kristie said...

You have so many beautiful projects. You are about to get me in trouble because every photo that I see of yours, I keep thinking, "Oh I want to make that one" LOL! I am so bad to lose interest in a project once I start it and I just can't make myself work on them if I don't want to.

Donna said...

Wow! I feel much better about my UFO list now.

A few years back I took a bunch of my small projects and quilted them up and donated them to the Children's Hospital. I've even had friends give me their class samples and I did the same with them.

If it gets it out the door, it's all good.

Ruthie said...

That's a lot of UFOs. I thought I had a lot, but you may have me beat. I really need to get mine out and take photos. Yours are so neatly organized!

Quilter Kathy said...

You are so brave to tell the UFO truth! I am a chicken!

Gail said...

So many lovely projects! It makes me want to go start some UFO's... as if I don't already have enough! Thanks for sharing!!!