Thursday, January 3, 2013

UFO Parade - Part 1

This is sort of embarrassing!  Perhaps this is what I need get me going.  Showing you everything I have stuffed away is sort of like parading through the street with no clothes on .  Part 1 of this parade is the projects that I have ready to quilt including the backing is made.

  1. Apple wall quilt that I used as a sample for a beginner class a few years ago
  2. Spicy Spiral table runners - class sample 2012
  3. Plus Scrap quilt - Started 2012
  4. Coins Quilt - Started 2012
  5. Jacob Ladder quilt - 2005?  - this is the very first scrap quilt I ever made.  I put the borders on it in 2012
  6. Crazy Star Baby quilt - blocks are from many years ago - added the borders in 2012
  7. Christmas Take 5 
  8. Hopscotch - put together in 2012
  9. Pastel lap quilt - very old!  I found the binding fabric, so I decided to go ahead and finish this
  10. Halloween hourglass.  Made these as leader and enders in 2012.  
  11. Charm stars - put this together right before Christmas 2012
  12. Halloween Take 5 with sashing
How many of these do you think will still be on the list in 2013?  (Please don't answer that)  This is the tip of the project list.  Just one tote worth  

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

That's a lot! I don't have that many ready to quilt... At least I don't think I do!