Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cats & Mice - #17

I tried this block once before, but it didn't go well. This time it went together perfectly.  I guess I must have learned a  thing or two the first time around.

I did this as a two color block.
Background (white)
4- triangles with Companion Angle (CA) and a 2 1/2" strip
4- triangles with Easy Angle (EA) 1 1/2" strip
8- triangles with CA - 1 1/4" strip

Color (Red)
5- squares 1 7/8"
8- triangles with CA- 1 1/4" strip


  1. Make your hour glass blocks by sewing a pair together the triangles cut from the 1 1/4" strip; Press this seam open.  I recommend using a short stitch length
  2. Sew the pairs together.  I used the square up ruler to square up to 1 7/8", then I pressed the seam open.  This is the easiest way for me, but feel free to use your own method if it works for you.  Line up the center seam on the ruler with the seam you pressed open, and line up your stitch line with the 1 7/8" line.  Press the seam open.
  3. Join the 4 hourglass units to four of the squares (press toward the square)
  4. Take 2 of those units and join the larger triangles to each side (press toward the large triangle); Join the remaining 2 units with the remaining square (press toward the center square)
  5. Join the 3 units together matching seams; Press these seams open
  6. Add the remaining 4 corners triangles - press toward the final triangles.  
  7. Square up to 6 1/2"

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