Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wild Geese

I was surprised how easily this block went together.  I made an error when cutting, so I had to square up my pieces.

Background (yellow)
4- 2" squares
4- triangles cut with Companion Angle (CA)1 1/2" strip

Color 1 & Color 2(Darks)
8- triangles cut with Easy Angle (EA) 1 1/2" strip
2- triangles cut with CA 1 1/2" strip

Color 1 & Color 2 (Lights)
2 - triangles cut with CA 2" strip


  • Sew the small dark triangles to the background triangles AND squares; square up to 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Because I cut my triangles too large, I had to trim off a lot of excess on my flying geese.  I used this ruler to trim down my units.  I felt the lines on the ruler were very helpful in squaring up my units correctly. I will be using this ruler more frequently.  Perhaps that is why this block went together so well.

  • Sew the larger dark triangles together to make the center hourglass unit.    Square up to 2 1/2" if necessary.

  • Sew the units together in rows

I pressed the center row toward the hourglass unit, and the other two rows I pressed toward the larger triangles.

 Join the 3 rows together to complete the 6 1/2" block.  I pressed the final 2 seams open.

I don't know how big you want your quilt, but if you have been following along with me, you probably have enough blocks for a twin size quilt.  If you are going for a queen size quilt, hang in there for more blocks to come.

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