Friday, April 25, 2014

Corn and Beans

This block seemed sort of intimidating at first.  I chopped off a few points in mine, but it wasn't bad enough to have a do-over.

#22 Corn and Beans


2 - Triangles 1 7/8" strips with Companion Angle (CA)
4- Triangles 2 1/2" strip with Easy Angle (EA)
20- Triangles 1 1/2" strip with EA

Color 1: (Green)
12- Triangles 1 1/2" with EA

Color 2: (Red)

2- Triangles 1 7/8" strip CA
4- Triangles 1 7/8" strip EA

  1. Sew the triangles cut with the CA together to form the center hourglass unit. Press toward the dark
  2. Sew a background triangle on both short edges of 4 of the color 1 triangles; join with the center hourglass unit
  3. Add the 4 Color 2 triangles to the unit and square up to 4 3/4" if necessary
  4. Join the remaining background and color 1 triangles in a line alternating colors; Add the remaining background triangles to the 4 units.  Use your EA to square up to 3" finished half square
  5. join the pieced triangle units to the completed center to make a 6 1/2" square.
If you look at the last 2 blocks, they are both essentially square in a square with lots of pieces.  We will continue on this theme with the next few blocks also.

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