Monday, April 14, 2014

We have a City!!

I know I have been rather impatient, but we have a city for my daughter.  My daughter will be traveling to the city of Mudgee in NSW, Australia this summer.  She will be there for about 11 months.  We were able to look it up with Google and see what her school will look like and take a bit of a virtual tour.  Mudgee is about 4 hours north and west of Sydney Australia.  It is a smaller community that is known mostly for farming (grapes and wine is the main crop).

Upon research I found some great images of Mudgee.

Hopefully she will get to the "The Drip" which is a little northeast of Mudgee.  Mudgee isn't too far from several forests.

She will never get tired of looking at the landscape -

I am so excited for her!

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Regina said...

So excited for all of you. Any chance you will ever get to go? My parents came to Japan a few years after I was there with Rotary - I had gone back to teach and was in the same city, so they did get to meet 2 of my 4 families. Ah - good memories!