Thursday, April 12, 2012

End of Day

Block number #30 according to the Farmer's Wife.  To avoid waste, we are going to make 2 of these.  You can use this extra block for a mug rug, or substitute it for a block that you don't like (or one that doesn't turn out well).

Dark (color #1)
2 - 2" x 19"
Light(s) (color #2 & #3)
1- 2" x 19"

Sew a light strip to each of the dark strips.  Press toward the dark.  Check to make sure your strip sets measure 3 1/2".  If not, you need to adjust your seam allowance.  Look how well this book (that was placed there by my little helper before I could snap the picture) matches my fabric.

Lay the strips sets right sides together locking the seams together.  The dark colors should be opposites.

Use your easy angle and cut 8 "pairs" of triangles.  You should have 4 of each "kind".  Leave the triangle sets nestled together and sew.

Press the units to one side.  Join the 3 1/2" squares (4 of each kind) to complete the blocks.  The light will be dominant in one block and the dark in the other block.   
This is a really fun block to make with your Jelly flops.  You would do it the same way with a light and a dark.  In case you are wondering- I am still loving my fireflies.  This block would be great for a charity quilt as it goes together quickly and the block has a lot of movement.


Kat said...

What a deceptively simple block, I love it! Thanks for the quick tutorial!

Unknown said...

I like this block. ellen