Wednesday, April 25, 2012


#108 Windmill

This is an easy one....only 8 pieces!  We are not using the templates.  This would have been easy if my brain hadn't went on vacation.

  • Color 1 - 4 triangles cut with the companion angle and strip width 2 3/4"
  • Color 2 - 4 strips 1 1/2" X 5 1/4"
I love the colors in this picture.  Unfortunately, I didn't cut the striped pieces the correct size so it didn't quite workout. 

Add the rectangle strip to the SAME short straight edge of the triangle.  Let the rectangle pieces extend beyond the base of the triangle.  Press toward the rectangle.  Join the 4 pieces in a 4 patch fashion matching the center seams

If you have the square up ruler, this is how you will square up the block.  Line up the center seam line with the 6 1/2" line on the ruler.  Wiggle the quarter seam lines until they feel locked together.  Line up the quarter seam line with the perpendicular line on the ruler and trim on both sides of the ruler. 
If you do NOT have the square up ruler, you can still square up your block perfectly.  You know I love gadgets!  Line up the diagonal (bias) line of your ruler (mine is 6 1/2, but yours could be this size or larger) with the center seam.  Take care to make sure your seam is exactly on the corner.  Trim 2 sides. 
Turn the ruler and line up the bias line once again.  Trim the remaining 2 sides to make the 6 1/2" block
This is the completed block.  I love how the tomatoes look with the green.
If you ever need to see a picture better, you can always click on it to make it larger. 

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Kathy's A Quilter said...

Hi Teri, thank you for the colourful instructions you gave. If you have the opportunity to edit your post, you may want to make the measurement for Colour 1 - 4 triangles cut from a 3 3/4" strip, and not 2 3/4". Thank you again for all of the posts that you have provided in solving some of the mystery piecing on this FWQ. Cheers