Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bat Wings #5

This is another template block.  If you intended to make a lap size quilt, and you completed the blocks so far, you can sit back and relax.  This block is number 50!  My pile is stacking up.

Start this block by tracing your templates on freezer paper (or whatever method you prefer).  You don't need to cut and print the reversed template.  Just place your fabric wrong sides together and cut 2 layers.  Iron the freezer paper to the fabric and cut out your pieces.  After I iron the paper to the fabric, I use my ruler and rotary cutter to cut the pieces.  I get the most accurate cut that way.

  • 6 template pieces
  • 1 Center square 1 3/4"
  • 2- 1 3/4" x 2 7/8" 
Sew the template pieces just like flying geese.  I like to press the first wing toward the large triangle and the second wing toward the small triangle.

Join the rectangles with the center  square

Join the 3 pieces together.  I like to sew with the flying geese unit on the top so I can aim for the the "x" and achieve perfect points. 

Press the finished unit toward the center strip to complete the 6 1/2" block.  This is the easiest block we have done in a while (minus printing the templates)

Since this is the 50 block milestone, I thought I would hang all my blocks on my empty design wall and see how they looked.  Since I am making multiple baby quilts with these, it really doesn't matter if my colors are evenly spaced.  I have multiples of some blocks because I forgot to take pictures and I had to remake them to write the tutorials.

Without counting or trying in any way, I don't think I have any color that is dominant.  Great job scrap benefactors!  You love all colors equally.

 I have the June blocks picked and ready to go.  In addition to the June blocks, I will be posting some extra blocks just for fun.  I am sensing that everyone is needing a vacation from the farm.

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