Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buzzard's Roost

I had lots of other names for this block.  Most of them were 4 letters.  I don't want to scare you, but I couldn't get this block to go together correctly.  The crazy part is, it is a simple block.  My words of wisdom are- Make sure you cut the pieces with the utmost accuracy.  I cut mine while watching TV on the couch.  I don't think that helped my situation.

#15 Buzzard's Roost

Color 1 (Pink)
  • 1 -3 1/2" square
  • 2 - 3" finished quarter square (2" strip Companion Angle)
  • 8 - 1 1/2" finished half square (2" strip Easy Angle)
Color 2 (green)
  • 6- 3" finished quarter Square (2" strip Companion Angle)

The thing I love most about the Easy angle and the Companion Angle is that you use the same strip size to get the same matching pieces!  In case you are wondering, when I say 3" finished quarter square, the 3" refers to the finished size of the base.

Start by making the flying geese units.  Join 4 color one half squares to 2 of the color 2 quarter squares.  Measure - should be 2" X 3 1/2".  As far as pressing, I like to press the first seam toward the larger triangle and the second seam toward the smaller triangle.  Join these units to the center square- press toward the center square.  Does it measure 6 1/2" X 3 1/2"?

Next add the remaining half squares to the remaining color 2 quarter squares.  Take care to put 2 on the left edge and 2 on the right edge.  Join these with the remaining 2 quarter squares.  I just noticed I have part of the pieces in the second pictures upside down, so don't go by that.  Color 2 (green) goes closest to the center square (like in the first picture) ;-) 

These units Should measure 2" X 6 1/2".  This is the part I had trouble with.  I found it helpful to trim off the points on the triangles before piecing them to get them to line up more accurately.  Join these units to the center unit to complete the 6 1/2" square.

My block did go together with ease after I cut it out accurately....the third time.  Enjoy!

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