Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Broken Dishes

In the Farmer's Wife book, this is block number 11.


1 - 2" strip X width of fabric (WOF) of Both background and a contrasting color.

Use the Easy Angle (EA) and cut 16 each 1 1/2" finished half squares. 

It will go super quick if you put the right sides together of the strips and cut both fabrics at the same time.  Carefully pick them up and sew away.  The edges will already be lined up and ready to go this way.  I pressed all of these toward the dark color.  Before you press, if you have the square up ruler, square up your blocks to 2"

Join the half squares in pairs;  then join the pairs into 4 patches.  You can either press these to one side, or press them open.  Join the remaining 4 units to complete the 6 1/2" block.  Use lots pins to keep things lined up nicely.

 6 1/2" Completed Block.  I had to use a couple different dark blues because I didn't have enough of the one dark blue I chose.  This block would be equally effective if you chose med/dark scraps and a light for the background.
This is the back of the block showing how I pressed my pieces.  Feel free to press yours differently.

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