Monday, January 19, 2015

In the Studio again

I had a fabulous weekend in the studio.  I spent most of the weekend cleaning so there was a path.  I can now walk around all obstacles!  Finishing more UFOs will certainly give me more space.

I had to find my cutting table so I could start working my January plan.  On the list was to finish the 4 red projects I started- 3 table runners and a pillow.  I have them all put together, I just need to get them quilted and bound.  These projects made a big dent in my little bits of fabric.  I plan to make more of them from the Stripology book this year.  These projects did NOT make a dent in my red/pink scraps.  It looks like I have more red/pink projects in my future.

I even found some great backing fabrics finish them off.  The fabric on the heart will be the backing to the pillow.

I plan to get these quilted with something quick this weekend.

I looked through my blue scraps (not nearly as many as I thought) and picked a project.  

I still need to quilt one UFO this month.  I have plenty to pick from here.

I hope to squeeze in some more studio time this week along with helping my hubby work on projects.

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Mina said...

Very pretty pink projects. I am also trying to bust the pink/reds with no end in sight.